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New build house, increased height with rear dormer, roof mounted solar panels

Development Type

Replacement of windows
New Houses / Flats
Double storey extension
Single storey extension



3 Golders Park Close, London NW11 7QR

Development Type

New build house, extensions, new windows


Proposed Development

Two storey front and rear extensions. Roof extension to provide additional top floor with increased roof height involving rear dormer window, 3no. front facing rooflights and new side windows. Installation of roof mounted solar panels.


4D Planning's role

4D Planning were instructed to design and apply for planning permission for an extension to the existing dwelling. The detached dwelling situated close to Golders Hill Park is situated on a hill and it was necessary to consider the setting and position of neighbouring properties to ensure that there was no harm to their amenity. The property is also situated in a Conservation Area and there were TPOs in the garden. We collaborated with Miki Zinaburg Architects who together with our input and guidance designed a detached replacement dwelling (new build) with unique shapes and angles. The property was designed to meet all planning policies, planning guidance, space standards, provide sustainable measures within the design such as solar panels and ensure a high-quality development that would enhance the character of the road and Conservation Area. Barnet Council considered the development and queried the impact of light over the immediate neighbour. Our daylight/ sunlight report addressed all concerns and the application was granted planning permission.



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