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Building Compliance Services

R + D Asbestos

Refurbishment and demolition surveys will be necessary when the building (or part of it) is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished and should be carried out before any of these works commence.

Noise Impact

Noise impact assessments are normally requested by a Planning Officer or by the Local Authority due to concerns relating to the construction of new residential dwellings (or change of use) in a high noise exposure area. New dwellings can be exposed to road traffic, rail, air or mechanical/commercial noise. Many clients require planning permission for the installation of air conditioning units and condensor units on roof tops. Other clients require an extraction flue with a fan for a restaurant or takeaway etc. All of these require a noise impact (acoustic) assessment to accompany the planning application. 4D Planning work closely with a highly skilled and chartered acoustic surveyor who can produce the required reports. Estimated fees start from £900+VAT.

Air Quality

Air quality is a consideration in Strategic Environmental Assessment and sustainability appraisal can be used to shape an appropriate strategy. This includes establishing the ‘baseline,’ appropriate objectives for the assessment of impact and proposed monitoring.

Daylight/ Sunlight Report

When a planning application is produced for various large extensions, these can have potential impacts on loss of light and overshadowing to neighbouring properties. The council may also raise concerns regarding the level of light that enters a basement or new residential property. 4D Planning work closely with a highly skilled and experienced surveyor who can produce a daylight and sunlight assessment to support any planning application. Estimated fee start from £850+VAT.

Design Stage


We supply all Council compliant plans, elevations and sections for planning permission and permitted development applications.

SAP Calculation

Building regulations require that an SAP calculation and a Predicted EPC is submitted for new residential dwellings prior to the commencement of work. We supply all reports as well as advising clients where changes will be needed to achieve compliance.


The SBEM Calculation is used to calculate the energy performance for commercial premises, including offices, warehouses, retail outlets, hotels and pubs, care homes, community buildings etc. We supply all BRUKL reports as well as advise clients where changes will be needed.

RHI/FIT Design Consultancy

We advise developers on the implementation of renewable technology in order to capitalise on the renewable heat incentives offered by the government as well as the Feed-in tariff for Solar PV.

Built Stage

Air Permeability

An air permeability test often indicates the air leakage of a new build property and is required in compliance with part L of the building regulations.

Part E Sound

In compliance with part E of the building regulations, a sound insulation test is required in all new build dwellings and conversions that are adjoined with separating walls and floors.


The CSH is now the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and to promote higher standards of sustainable design.

Part G Water Calculations

It is a requirement of Approved Document G of the Building Regulations that all new dwellings (including those created through a material change of use) must achieve a projected water consumption of no more than 125 litres per person, per day.
The projected water consumption is to be calculated in accordance with the methodology set out in The Water Efficiency Calculator for new dwellings.

Part F Ventilation

Part F of the Building Regulations requires that MHVR Systems (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) and intermittent extractor fans (e.g. kitchen and bathroom) have their flow rates checked, are working efficiently and the relevant test results submitted to building control as part of the overall building compliance process.


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

EPC Certificate for residential properties start from £249+VAT.

For commercial properties the fee starts from £499+VAT.

The EPC Assessors take roughly 30 - 40 mins for a typical 3 bedroom property. However for complex properties with multiple floors or extensions, EPC assessments may take longer. 

An Energy Performance Certificate provides detailed information about a wide spectrum of elements that gives a clear picture of a home’s energy efficiency performance. This includes:

1. Lighting: It is considered energy-saving light bulbs such as LED.
2. Insulation: The thickness of walls, whether there is cavity wall insulation, the glazing thickness of the windows etc .
3. Heating system: The EPC inspection considers whether there is a central heating system or an energy-efficient boiler. It is also considered whether water is heated only on demand or it is stored.
4. It takes into account whether the property generates its own energy, such as solar panels or wind turbines with a micro-generator.

All these factors are collated to attribute an energy efficiency rating to your property, which is calculated out of 100, and then categorized into 7 bands, A-G. Carbon emission of your home is also taken into consideration here.

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