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Use of shop as ancillary gym to residential block

Development Type

Change of use
Replacement of windows



219 Baker St, Marylebone, NW1 6XE

Development Type

Change of use, replacement of shop front windows.


Proposed Development

Use of part of the ground floor as an ancillary gym area for residential block (Class C3). Associated alterations to elevations.


4D Planning's role

4D Planning advised the architect and residents association for a large residential building in Marylebone on the feasibility for converting a ground floor shop to a ancillary gym to be used by the residents. 4D Planning assisted the architect with preparing the drawings to meet the planning validation requirements, and we produced the Planning Statement and Impact Statement. We submitted the planning application and liaised with the planning officer. The application also required an Acoustic, noise impact Assessment to accompany the application. 4D Planning liaised with the Acoustic Surveyor to ensure that the client's requirements were met while also demonstrating mitigation measures to reduce potential noise levels. The application was GRANTED planning permission by Westminster Council.



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