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New shop front and signage to restaurant, new extraction flue and air-conditioning units

Development Type

Other developments
Shop front alterations/signage



22 Drury Lane London, WC2B 5RH

Development Type

Shop front, new signage, air-con unit, extraction system


Proposed Development

Installation of 2 x ventilation ducts, replacement air-condensing unit above ground floor, and replacement of the existing exhaust duct to the rear elevation, and alterations to the shopfront and signage.


4D Planning's role

4D Planning assisted the owners of a restaurant on Drury Lane to obtain planning permission from Camden Council for a new shop front design, new signage, new air-con and ventilation system to the ground floor of the restaurant, new extraction system to the kitchen and replacement of the old duct to a new flue which meets the environmental health guidelines. 4D Planning liaised with the client, the acoustic company and the council to ensure that all concerns were addressed and all requirements were met. The planning committee decided the application and voted in favour of granting planning permission for both proposals.



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