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Retrospective permission for installation of wooden balustrade and door leading on to roof forming a roof terrace

Development Type

Roof terrace/ balcony



33 Clyde Road, London, N22 7AD

Development Type

Roof Terrace


Proposed Development

Retrospective permission for installation of a wooden balustrade with glazed obscured screen and door leading on to the flat roof at the rear forming a roof terrace/ balcony.


4D Planning's role

4D Planning were instructed by the client to help them obtain planning permission retrospectively for a roof terrace / balcony with a wooden balustrade at 33 Clyde Road. The applicant had attempted to obtain planning consent previously but failed. They then got in touch with our Chartered Planners and we offered professional advice to the client and their architect. We prepared a revised application and liaised with Haringey Council to ensure that all relevant considerations were addressed. The application was granted planning permission.



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