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Successful appeal against council order to remove metal railings, pedestrian and sliding driveway gate at front of property

Development Type

Other developments


Richmond upon Thames

91 Wyatt Drive, London, SW13 8AL

Development Type

Appeal, Retrospective application for Railings and Gate


Proposed Development

Appeal against council order for removal of metal railings, pedestrian gate and sliding driveway gate at the front and side of the property.


4D Planning's role

4D Planning applied for planning permission to retain a high metal gate and railings to the front of the property. There was little precedent but the railings would not obstruct the visibility and would only be in place for enhanced security. Richmond Council refused the application and proceeded to issue an enforcement notice. 4D Planning appealed the Council's decision and the Planning Inspectorate quashed the enforcement and granted permission for one of the two proposals and for the principle of the development. 



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