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Change of use to trampoline park and leisure facilities D2 Use Class

Development Type

Change of use
Other developments


Manchester City

Rajan House , 61 Great Ducie Street, Manchester, M3 1RR

Development Type

Trampoline Park


Proposed Development

Change of use to trampoline park & leisure facilities (D2) with associated parking


4D Planning's role

4D Planning advised the client on the risks and opportunities for converting the large light industrial storage (cash and carry) unit into a Trampoline Park and Leisure Centre. We prepared a feasibility study and once instructed, we prepared the architectural drawings, Planning Statement, Design and Access Statement, Travel Plan, Transport Assessment and Sequential Approach. We also obtained a Flood Risk Assessment and liaise with Manchester City Council throughout the process. There were tough negotiations with the Council's Transport and Highways team over the number of people who can use the premises at any one time. Eventually we reached a compromise and planning permission was granted.



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