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What is Use Class F Planning?

Use class F

In two main parts, Class F covers uses previously defined in the revoked classes D1, ‘outdoor sport’, ‘swimming pools’ and ‘skating rinks’ from D2(e), as well as newly defined local community uses.


As of 1st September 2020 Use Class F has replaced Use Classes A1, D1, D2 


Class F is used for the following purposes:

F1 Learning and non-residential institutions – Use (not including residential use) defined in 7 parts:

F1(a) Provision of education
F1(b) Display of works of art (otherwise than for sale or hire)
F1(c) Museums
F1(d) Public libraries or public reading rooms
F1(e) Public halls or exhibition halls
F1(f) Public worship or religious instruction (or in connection with such use)
F1(g) Law courts

F2 Local community – Use as defined in 4 parts:

F2(a) Shops (mostly) selling essential goods, including food, where the shop’s premises do not exceed 280 square metres and there is no other such facility within 1000 metres
F2(b) Halls or meeting places for the principal use of the local community
F2(c) Areas or places for outdoor sport or recreation (not involving motorised vehicles or firearms)
F2(d) Indoor or outdoor swimming pools or skating rinks

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