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Do I need planning permission to home work or run a business from home?

Planning permission will not normally be required to home work or run a business from home including from an outbuilding at the back of the garden or garage, provided that a dwelling house remains a private residence first and business second (or in planning terms, provided that a business does not result in a material change of use of a property so that it is no longer a single dwelling house).

A local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether planning permission is required and will determine this on the basis of individual facts. Issues which they may consider include whether home working or a business leads to notable increases in traffic, disturbance to neighbours, abnormal noise or smells or the need for any major structural changes or major renovations.

Adverts and signs

Using the home to attract customers of clients can also be a material change of use and require planning permission. Signs and adverts on a residential street are generally not allowed without planning permission unless the sign is below a specific size and relates to a dwelling, not a business. If you require further clarification, please get in touch with us to discuss.

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