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Directory of Planning Use Classes

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The directory below provides insight into the different uses and their use classes. The directory has been updated in 2022 but changes are expected in the near future so watch this space.
The list has been organised alphabetically.                   
Agricultural Units Sui Generis                    
Amusement Arcade Sui Generis                    
Aparthotels C1                    
Artists Studio E                    
Banks E                    
Barbers E                    
Barns Sui Generis                    
Beauty Salons E / Sui Generis (depending on the Council)                    
Bed & Breakfast C1                    
Bedsit C4                    
Betting Shops Sui Generis                    
Bingo Hall Sui Generis                    
Boarding Houses C1                    
Boarding Kennels Sui Generis                    
Builders Yard Sui Generis or B8                    
Building Societies E                    
Buildings used for storage B8                    
Bungalows (use by single person or family) C3                    
Cafés E                    
Car Hire Sui Generis                    
Car Racing Sui Generis                    
Car Repairs B2                    
Car Showroom Sui Generis                    
Caravan SIte Sui Generis                    
Casino Sui Generis                    
Catering premises & production B2                    
Catering Storage & Distribution B8                    
Cattery Sui Generis                    
Church Halls F1                    
Cinema Sui Generis                    
Clinics E                    
Concert Hall Sui Generis                    
Crèches E                    
Custody Centres C2A                    
Dance Hall Sui Generis                    
Day Nurseries E                    
Dentists E                    
Detention Centres C2A                    
Distribution Centres B8                    
DIY Shed E                    
Dog Grooming Parlour E / Sui Generis (depending on the Council)                    
Drinking Establishments with Expanded Food Provision Sui Generis                    
Dry Cleaners E                    
Employment Agencies E                    
Estate Agencies E                    
Exhibition Halls F1                    
Factories B2                    
Fast Food Takeaway Sui Generis                    
Flats (use by single person or family) C3                    
Football Pitches F2                    
Fuel Stations Sui Generis                    
Funeral Directors E                    
Funfairs Sui Generis                    
Garages (Fuel) Sui Generis                    
General Industrial B2                    
Group of up to 6 people living together as a single household C3                    
Group of up to 6 people living together with care C3                    
Guest Houses C1                    
Gymnasiums (Gyms) E                    
Hairdressers E                    
Hall or Meeting Place for local use F2                    
Health Centres E                    
Hire Shops E                    
HMOs (3 to 6 people) C4                    
HMOs (7+ people) Sui Generis                    
Homeowner with a lodger C3                    
Hospitals C2                    
Hostels (No care) Sui Generis                    
Hot Food Takeaways Sui Generis                    
Hotels C1                    
Houses (use by single person or family) C3                    
Industrial Process B2                    
Industrial Processes in a residential area without causing detriment to the amenity of the area E                    
Internet Cafes E                    
Job Centre E                    
Kennels Sui Generis                    
Landfill Sites Sui Generis                    
Large HMOs Sui Generis                    
Launderettes Sui Generis                    
Law Courts F1                    
Light Industrial E                    
Live Music Venue Sui Generis                    
Local Halls F2                    
Local Shops (no other such facility < 280 sq m within 1 km) F2                    
Maisonettes (use by single person or family) C3                    
Massage Parlour E / Sui Generis (depending on the Council)                    
Military Barracks C2A                    
MOT Centre B2                    
Museums F1                    
Nail Bar E / Sui Generis (depending on the Council)                    
Nightclubs Sui Generis                    
Non-residential Education and Training Centres F1                    
Non-retail Photographic Studio E                    
Nursing Homes C2                    
Offices E                    
Open Air Storage B8                    
Osteopath E                    
Other Drinking Establishments Sui Generis                    
Outdoor Sport F2                    
Payday Loan Shops Sui Generis                    
Pet Shops E                    
Petrol Stations Sui Generis                    
Phone Shop E                    
Places of Worship F1                    
Police Offices (not a station) E                    
Police Stations Sui Generis                    
Post Offices E                    
Postal Sorting Offices Sui Generis                    
Prisons C2A                    
Professional Services E                    
Public Halls (except local) F1                    
Public Libraries F1                    
Public Reading Room F1                    
Pubs Sui Generis                    
Recording Studios E                    
Research & Development E                    
Residential Accommodation in need of care C2                    
Residential Schools, Colleges or Training Centres C2                    
Restaurant E                    
Retail Warehouse Club Sui Generis                    
Retail Warehouses E                    
Sale of cold food for consumption off premises E                    
Schools F1                    
Scrap Yards Sui Generis                    
Secure Hospitals C2A                    
Secure Local Authority Accommodation C2A                    
Secure Training Centres C2A                    
Serviced Accommodation C1 / C3                    
Sui Generis, C1 or C3 (depending on the Council)                    
Shops E                    
Short term holding Centres C2A                    
Skating Rink F2                    
Solicitors E                    
Sports Arenas F2                    
Student Blocks Sui Generis                    
Supported Housing with care (up to 6 people) C3                    
Swimming Pools F2                    
Takeaway Sui Generis                    
Tattoo Parlours E / Sui Generis (depending on the Council)                    
Taxi Company Sui Generis                    
Tennis Courts F2                    
Theatres Sui Generis                    
Ticket Agencies E                    
Tourist Information E                    
Travel Agencies E                    
Vehicle Sports Sui Generis                    
Veterinary Practice (Vets) E                    
Visitor Centre Sui Generis                    
Warehouses B8                    
Wine Bars Sui Generis                    
Yard for Breaking of Motor Vehicles Sui Generis                    
Yard for Storage / Distribution of Minerals Sui Generis                    
Young Offenders’ Institutions C2A                    
Zoo Sui Generis                    

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