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This tiny cottage with waterside views could be yours for just £10,000

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This tiny cottage with waterside views could be yours for just £10,000.
However, it has just one small room and no running water or electricity.

The current owner has informed the estate agent that, in the past, the property was used by Welsh people emigrating to America.
"They would wait in the cottage for the slate ship to arrive which would dock on the opposite side of the straits," said the estate agent.

She added: "They then would be taken to the ship by ferry, so the cottage was the last place they saw in Wales before leaving for America."A grade II listed building dating from 1687which is the oldest property In Menai Bridge was used as a house for ferrymen working on the Anglesey shore.

The cottage, which has an approximate total floor area of just 9.1 sq m, sits 50m from the waterfront and offers gorgeous views of the straights.
It's connected to an electricity supply but there is no water or gas mains on the site.

If you fancy your own small piece of the past, or are looking for somewhere on the waterfront to fix up this property is the perfect project.
It's being auctioned off at Bangor City Football Club, Holyhead Road, Bangor, on October 5, and the bidding will kick off from 5.30pm.

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