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Southwark Article 4 direction to protect 188 pubs.

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Southwark Article 4 direction to protect 188 pubs.
The London Borough of Southwark has issued an immediate Article 4 direction to withdraw permitted development rights which allow the change of use, demolition or alteration of public houses. The decision of the Council’s Planning Committee means that planning permission will now be required for any proposed change to the 188 pubs identified in the Direction (a full list of the pubs affected can be found here). Although the Direction applies immediately, the Council is now consulting on it until 27 April, before the Direction is referred to the Secretary of State who can decide to approve, modify or cancel it. However, the proposed provision would not remove planning permission for development ‘which has been carried out before the coming into force of the order’. Finally, it is worth noting that Southwark’s decision follows a similar one taken by the London Borough of Wandsworth in August last year, in issuing a non-immediate Article 4 Direction to protect 120 pubs in its Borough.

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