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Gaggle of giggly girls

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Justin Bieber Joins London’s Wealthy on Billionaire’s Row. The wealthy residents of north London’s Billionaire’s Row may soon get annoyed by the gaggle of giddy teenage girls that will no doubt descend onto the elite street. That’s because Justin Bieber has just rented a £108,000-a-month. The 24,000-square-foot, 15-bedroom home, which was built by a British sugar tycoon in 1910 and changed hands several times before being sold to an anonymous buyer for £25 million. Two-months rent would be enough to buy an average home in the U.K. More wealthy homeowners in London are opting to rent out their homes on the back of a double dose of sales tax hikes and uncertainty over the Brexit, With the market slowing down as a result of stamp duty increases and other tax changes, the turnover of homes has dropped by around 60% so more people are considering rentals.  

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