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Couple Hoodwinked the Council

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Couple are accused of hoodwinking planning chiefs after winning permission to build 'our family's dream eco house' then putting the £700,000 plot up for sale days later
  • Furious neighbours claim Andrea and Tom Chippendale duped council planners
  • They say couple will cash in because value has been inflated by 'green' image
  • Couple convinced planners with dream of 'innovative eco-home for our family'
  • But six weeks later it was on the market for £700,000, say neighbours in Bath

Today the council denied it had been fooled and claimed the planning committee made the right decision.

A spokesman said: 'The council has undertaken a review of the decision through the council's complaints process and due process has been followed.

'Planning permission is connected to the land – not an individual person – therefore a future owner of the site could implement the permission.'

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