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Council calls on residents to ‘Watch their Wasteline’

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The council’s new refuse truck design with the catchy strapline – ‘Watch Your Wasteline’, is part of the Council’s efforts to reduce the amount of waste in Havering.

Residents could also save an average of £60 per month, by reducing household food waste.
Five ways residents can reduce household food waste:
Fruit and vegetables in particular, are often unnecessarily packaged. Try and buy loose fruit and vegetables. This can also help to reduce carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in the UK from food transport.  
Sign up to become a Local Green Points member here www.havering.localgreenpoints.com where you can gain points, which can be transferred to high street vouchers, every time you make a pledge to put the tips into practice.
Know your dates - Checking dates saves money. Food can be eaten right up to a use-by date or frozen. Best before dates are for quality so there is no need to throw out food on the stated date - eggs being the exception. 
Be creative with your leftovers – this is a clever way to save money and make what's in the fridge go further.
Perfect portions - It's very likely we've all got the perfect thing for measuring a portion of rice, pasta, or potato in our kitchen. A regular mug works for rice and a mug of uncooked rice is the right amount to feed four adults. Try the Portion Calculator at www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

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