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93 apartments for over 65s approved by Camden

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A scheme for 93 ‘sustainable’ apartments for those aged over 65 on The Bishops Avenue, near Hampstead Heath has been granted planning permission by Camden Council.


The scheme comprises a four to six-storey building, with the 93 apartments to have between one and four bedrooms.


The plans include: a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, ballroom, gym, cinema, salon and treatment rooms, concierge and coffee lounge, restaurant and bar with outdoor terrace and a library. The scheme includes off-street parking and cycle storage.


One entrance features a living wall system and biodiverse roof “to connect the building to its natural woodland landscape and soften the overall aesthetic”. Three other biodiverse roofs are also part of the design.


The Bishops Avenue is located just outside the Hampstead Garden Suburb Conservation Area. Speaking about the design, Grant Giblett the architect of the scheme, explained: “In keeping with nearby properties, the front of the scheme follows a mansion house appearance with ground-floor arched windows and decorative chimneys that complement rich brick detailing that is synonymous with the arts and crafts movement. The rear of the property takes a more playful approach inspired by subterranean vaults and architectural follies.”


Paul Vesty, chief development officer at Riverstone, added: “The approved, 230,000-square-foot project at The Bishops Avenue is focused on an all-electric energy strategy targeting a net zero-carbon plan”.


“There will be habitat creation and improvement to the mature landscape, together with green walls to enhance biodiversity, renewable energy generation with bio-solar roof panels, electric vehicle charging points for every parking space, heat recovery technology, heightened thermal performance and rainwater harvesting for landscape irrigation. Modern methods of construction will also be used to reduce waste and time on-site.”

Source: The Planner

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