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Dream £275,000 home was flooded with human waste.

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Dream £275,000 home was flooded with human waste.

A couple claims their £275,000 dream home has turned into a house of horrors after builders buried an overflowing sewage tanker in their front garden. Darren, 51, and Maria Bradley, 36, bought their home in Walsall three years ago but say they have faced a litany of issues including a fire alarm which failed to go off despite a kitchen blaze. They claim developers Morris homes 'cut corners' and a sewage tank designed to accommodate five homes has to cope with waste from 32 properties - resulting in constant overflows of human waste coming up through their sink.
The Bradleys claim a tanker would visit twice daily to empty the overflowing sewage at the Heatherton Place development in Walsall.

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