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3D Visualisations

One of our specialities is to provide our clients with 3 dimensional realistic renders (CGI's) of proposed and existing schemes. This enables our clients, neighbours and especially the local authority to visualise the space and future design well before it is even built. These images can then be used to market the property to the general public.

Our 3D models are all created using the latest software and technology available. For larger projects we can prepare a fly-by animation of your project as well as light study showing the effect a building can have on natural light/shade of your property or of a surrounding building.

Depending on the project and client requirements, 4D Planning have an in-house award-winning model maker who specialises in building accurate and detailed miniature models of proposed architectural schemes. These models can help demonstrate a design to the public for marketing purposes, but also to the local council for obtaining planning permission.

Many architect and design firms across the UK, Europe and the Middle East have commissioned 4D Planning to build, produce and design 3 dimensional renders, models and CGI's (Computer Generated Images) for their many projects. 

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