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How Much Is Harry's Cupboard Under The Stairs Worth?

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Exactly how much is the former residence of 'The Boy Who Lived' worth? No, not the house, the cupboard under the stairs! 

Mr. Harry Potter resided in this rather quaint space for nigh on 8 years before up-sizing to a larger single room on the top floor of the property. Suitable for owners below 5 ft 4 inches, the cupboard has enough room for a single bed, shelving units and not much else!

"This is an ideal space for a tenant looking for a short-term rental within close proximity to London," says Epsom & Weybridge Local Property Expert, Donna Cohen. "Any prospective tenant will be expected to integrate well with resident Muggles that live at the property".

The property itself is set within a quiet plot in Little Whinging, Surrey. The town has various amenities such as shopping centres, cinema, swimming pool, supermarkets and a train station of which London is less than an hours' journey away. 

"Due to its small size, the space is easy to manage, cosy and will suit a tenant with a minimalist lifestyle. You'll be spellbound by the monthly rent to - expect to pay between £50-75 PCM". This reaffirms that there is desperate need for more rental affordable accommodation within London and its surrounding areas.

Mr Khan’s administration has ramped up scrutiny of planning applications by recruiting a team of viability experts to examine the level of affordable housing in all proposals.
The Mayor’s planning guidance published earlier this year said developers offering at least 35 per cent affordable housing without public subsidy could expect a quicker, more certain route through the planning system.
A list of our recent projects

A list of our recent projects

Directory of Planning Use Classes

Directory of Planning Use Classes

Directory of Planning Use Classes

93 apartments for over 65s approved by Camden

93 apartments for over 65s approved by Camden

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